I’m a music producer from The Netherlands and you might have heard my ‘Butterflyz’ remix for Alicia Keys or my first online single ‘Jungle‘ in 1998. Remixes for Moby and Nick Carter were officially released. I released Versions in November 2013, an album that features 23 of my remixes. The EP Same Old Place was released on all major music platforms in May 2015. You can check out all of my music at the Projects page.


  • Hallo! Vielen Dank für Deine echt coole Musik!!!! Jungle gefällt mir und meinem Freund noch ein bißchen besser als Summer Nights… Das Arrangement beider Stück ist ziemlich gut – toll das Klavier! An machen Stellen bist Du etwas zu hektisch!? Grüße aus Berlin —Thomas & Jens
  • Wow. I love Jungle, I love Summer Nights, I love Tranquility Reasssured, and I love Bombay Breakout. It’s very rare for me to love every song I hear, but you have that distinction. Well done!—Rod McCallum (Toronto, Canada)
  • I’ve just been listening to your ‘Bombay Breakout’ track – absolutely brilliant! (Any chance of an extended mix so I can chill out all night long!!!) Have you done any other songs with that type of eastern synth sound? I’m currently downloading the rest of your tracks, however I would like to buy your album when it is available in the UK. Thanks for an amazing track anyway…—Paul Miller
  • Damn dude, your Jungle track on mp3.com blew my mind. I’ve been playing around trying to create electronic music, and your track was a complete inspiration. My stuff seems so primative now...You got a great balance, tight beats, groovy bassline, and flowing jazz-like piano leads. You’re a friggin musical genius. Well, keep up the great work, peace out. —Sterling Okura
  • Listening to your music right now.. love JUNGLE.. very soothing and relaxing. You mentioned about a possible CD, would this Cd’s music sound similar to what you had online on MP3.com? Please let me know—Mark O’Grady
  • Hey, just dropping you a line to say that I think your music is absolutly excellent, its cool mellow melodys really appeal to me. If there is a mailinglist for updates etc. Please place me on it. Fan based regards.—Chris Harper
  • Dude, your music kicks ass! I always listened to all the other kinds of music (your influences to be exact) and wondered when the hell someone was gonna combine em all and create one good sound, and you went and did it. You kick some major ass!!!—Chie Hurt
  • What a find!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very listenable, I’ve found myself playing the music in my mind again and again. Thanks so much. I’ll be ordering “intentions” as so as it’s available.—Don Gilmore (Rochester, NY)
  • I have listened to all three tracks from mp3.com and definitely would like to have your CD. Please notify me when its complete and how to order. Great music.—Steve Klappenbach
  • Have been a New Age fan for 4 or more years. Really like your renditions. You have quite a future ahead of you young man. I am 60, what I have left is to enjoy your sound. Send updates and new song info when they get online—John Paul (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Hey man, I’ve poked around mp3.com and haven’t found much worth keeping let alone much that sounds professional.You my friend, have managed both. I have, obviously, downloadd all three of your posted mp3′s and while “summer nights” and “tranquility reassured” are quality, very listenable pieces, “jungle” is just plain superb and professional, impossible categorize using any one-word labels – especially amazing considering you’re a one-man band.—Alex Brown
  • A long time fan of yours, Michiel. With each new office I move to I find myself downloading your collection of MP3s to the local HD. Outstanding music. It makes me wish I had never stopped playing.—Aaron

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