Intronaut – Valley of Smoke remix

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Intronaut – Valley of Smoke remix

My remix for Intronaut’s “Valley of Smoke” contest on finished 2nd, that was a close call.

I think I didn’t win because

  • I only used some of the supplied guitar and drum samples of the original song,
  • made an unrecognizable arrangement compared to the original
  • and last but certainly not least: they were obliged to release the winning entry on Century Media Records. With my version, that would be a pain in the ass for a typical Metal label.

Or .. it just wasn’t good enough in the end, I think I’ll stick to that option for now. 😉

Update: a personal message from Intronaut frontman Sacha Dunable explaining their pick.

dude, it was a really tough pick. I think we picked the other guy because we just liked it the most, or that it was more along the lines of what we would do if we could remix it ourselves. I remember it was definitely down to you two guys though. yours was awesome, especially because of the way you took it and added your own stuff. basically, it wasn’t some scientific conclusion we came to, just that we all voted and thats how it came out.

The prize package consisted of a signed LP, CD and a T-shirt.