I listened to Janelle’s ‘ArchAndroid’ album for two months and was curious if any acapellas were available. Bingo. Having found her ‘Tightrope’ acapella, I went ahead and made my own version.

I started with trying different chords during the chorus and verse and wanted to do a different style when Big Boi came in at 01:43. After his section, I thought it’d be nice to come up with something new – the jazzy break 02:05 – and then build up again.

In the last production hours of this project I came up with the horn section at 03:26, while the screaming lead at 04:11 took care of further climaxing the song. It took me some time to get the ending right, instead of just fading out I decided to add a more laidback version of the theme at 04:55. I also edited the video for this remix, in which you can see me playing the mentioned break.
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